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We found this
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we will create this
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The Project

Some say that the dragonfly is a symbol of metamorphosis and of physical and spiritual change. Also, it lands on you once in a lifetime and brings happiness and luck. I did not believe in miracles until... I thought about it while sitting on the shore of a dam several years ago.

My life passed by me so fast that when the little animal decided to land on my hand, I almost did not see it. It stood there for a minute, then flew away and landed on the nearby reed. I did not want the time to pass so fast that I could not enjoy the magic of perched dragonfly on my hand. I did not want my life to pass without trying to create something big. Bigger than me.

The project started three years ago with the search for a suitable water basin, which could serve to build the country's first park for extreme water sports of this type. The aim is to create a unique site combining the nurture for the environment with the practice of sports and the development of tourism in the area.

Located just 70 km from Bulgaria’s capital -Sofia, the place offers great conditions for sports and recreation, breathtaking views and a set of additional entertainment.

Meet 'Magicable' main priorities, behind which stands the brand are: to develop the sport, to protect the environment and to work for the image of our country as an attractive tourist destination.

If you love nature and sport, support us!

Share the project and donate funds to build the park.

Looking for a partner for construction of the park if you are interested call:
+359 894 35 02 88

We will build something like this.

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Our Partners

+359 894 35 02 88

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